Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Ngairin vege garden 09

toms, marigolds and rhubarb top and potatoes and baby lettuce and young tamarillo  below

 snow peas and rainbow silverbeet

 the first beds at Ngairin pumped somethin brilliant!

 romano broccoli purple green type

 sam is a brilliant maker of great big bits for the gardens.....

 archway construction

 Sam and Michele top the archway with old gates.....great use of materials and it was a bumper crop of japs
 little jap pumpkin will grow up a trellis to an archway made of gates

tomatoes growing thru  horizontal trellis - no need for tying up! oakleaf lettuce border

romano broccoli as big as kath's head!

This lil fella is the reason why we are building a netted garden.....cute but ruthless eating machine!
The poles for the garden between our houses go in
These are local ironbarks and are cemented in for extra stability
view of garden from driveway
looking out my back door...little building on right is the soon to be moved useless composting toilet....I'll document the new one soon....
Posts at the corner are locked in with big stones...that's Michelle helping out in the little citrus orchard...next to vege patch
Sam starts wiring in at the top
He used gripples to secure the wires
Wiring everywhere
Sam was pedantic about the wiring.....which has been very successful for the netting process
Criss cross wiring that will hold up the commercial grade netting

securing a bottom galvanised wire net to keep out the big bods
Netting goes up...sold in 20 mtr width with as long as you want length
halfway thru the netting
nearly finished
finished at last
Now beds can be made and fertiliser goes on....dolomite, manure, potash and blood & bone
first green babies....celery, leeks, mizuna, brocolie and silverbeet Mid July 09
Tanja helped plant some parsley from her garden....beetroot and potatoes
Kathleen waters them in
My big gate....two big gates at other end for trailer delivery
What to do with baling twine .....
Outside the garden from my end back to the other house
Big bench on one post...sink to go up on back one...