Wednesday, 7 March 2012

2012 the garden continues to flourish and expand

 beans, tomatoes, zucchini and rainbow chard

 lavender and salvia

beans, tomatoes and the wide leaf plant is yacon

 beans and babies

 my little pot pond - mosquito fish and frogs love living here
 my herbs.....bay leaf in a pot, lavender, oregano, rosemary as well as 2 types of salvia and flowering cactus
my succulent collection with an orchid in a bucket

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

so toms, carrots, chives, rocket and broccoli can be seen here....peeking out the back down there on the centre left is a big flat bright green leaf..... it's a banana that lives on the grey water outlet. I'm also growing calendula and marigolds in here...maybe a daisy or two as well

these are a tomato that came up in the compost.... they should be ready in a coupla weeks

thru the kitchen window

the pathways are casurina needles......very acidic and weeds hate them.....

So here you go it's - April and I have been eating out of this small area for a couple of months now.....lettuce, green and butter beans, tomatoes, chives and spring onion, broccoli, rhubarb, carrots (yes I grew carrots! yay!) and rocket...... it's really a no brainer when you think about it...I made a compost pile on top of cardboard and grew veges and flowers in it.... it will all turn into soil and all I need do is add more to it... so going out today to rake up the slashings and collect the roo poo to try that out next! I am planting out the brassicas again, flat leaf parsley, beetroot, more carrots, greens for winter - cos lettuces and mizuna. My tomatoes are still going....Go for it!

nodig beginnings

manure and compost in between straw.... like lasagne they say - vege lasagne!

looks messy now but it does work

so lucerne, rice straw and goodies go in - alpaca manure, mushroom compost B&B and dolomite
little ones waiting to go in - note potatoes in boxes

first straw goes down

make sure it goes under to stop the grass in the wire

loads (sic) of washing machine and fridge boxes went down

Su helped out - thanks darl!

Tying the wire and the netting was time consuming but very worth the effort

I used gypsum to break up the soil then two types of straw, manure and compost to plant out
the net goes on

topped pole with ceramic saucer to keep rain off the top of the pole

hole had to be over a metre and a half deep to carry the large pole

So I began the garden on the pad my shed/house lives faces north east/east and is mainly a gravelly red clay typical of this area (Tanja coastal NSW). Because it was graded and mounded for the shed pad I believe it will be able to turn into useful soil very well over the years. I decided to use star pickets with plastic tops, good black netting for the top and small gauge metal netting around the base. Very finnicky to start with but it is worth it as there are a lot of free loaders in the bush. Thanks to Su, Tim and Sunny for the help to get this started.....yay!

Lyrecall nodig garden Dec2010-Feb2011

been a while

sorry all but I have been out of the loop computer wise, not owning one or on the net till now! Interesting space to be in let me tell you! Managed to stop watching TV but internet is too important to ignore now methinks. following is a series of pics of my latest little home project. it's on another property and its just me and the cat now.....k

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Ngairin vege garden 09

toms, marigolds and rhubarb top and potatoes and baby lettuce and young tamarillo  below

 snow peas and rainbow silverbeet

 the first beds at Ngairin pumped somethin brilliant!

 romano broccoli purple green type

 sam is a brilliant maker of great big bits for the gardens.....

 archway construction

 Sam and Michele top the archway with old gates.....great use of materials and it was a bumper crop of japs
 little jap pumpkin will grow up a trellis to an archway made of gates

tomatoes growing thru  horizontal trellis - no need for tying up! oakleaf lettuce border

romano broccoli as big as kath's head!

This lil fella is the reason why we are building a netted garden.....cute but ruthless eating machine!
The poles for the garden between our houses go in
These are local ironbarks and are cemented in for extra stability
view of garden from driveway
looking out my back door...little building on right is the soon to be moved useless composting toilet....I'll document the new one soon....
Posts at the corner are locked in with big stones...that's Michelle helping out in the little citrus to vege patch
Sam starts wiring in at the top
He used gripples to secure the wires
Wiring everywhere
Sam was pedantic about the wiring.....which has been very successful for the netting process
Criss cross wiring that will hold up the commercial grade netting

securing a bottom galvanised wire net to keep out the big bods
Netting goes up...sold in 20 mtr width with as long as you want length
halfway thru the netting
nearly finished
finished at last
Now beds can be made and fertiliser goes on....dolomite, manure, potash and blood & bone
first green babies....celery, leeks, mizuna, brocolie and silverbeet Mid July 09
Tanja helped plant some parsley from her garden....beetroot and potatoes
Kathleen waters them in
My big gate....two big gates at other end for trailer delivery
What to do with baling twine .....
Outside the garden from my end back to the other house
Big bench on one post...sink to go up on back one...